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Weekend Event Aug 5th - 7th 2016: The World Turned Upside Down

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Weekend Event Aug 5th - 7th 2016: The World Turned Upside Down

Post  Diamond Dan on Sun Jun 12, 2016 4:43 pm

Friday August 5th till Sunday 7th.
Please arrive on site early to give yourselves enough time to set up your tents etc. and be ready for the briefing at 1500 (3 pm)

Time in for players will be 1700 (5 pm)

Dumnonni Chronicles Site, EX20 3QZ
Directions Here

The story of the Shadowlands unfolds around the players as they battle for survival against their foes and defy the forces gods themselves. Only the brave and cunning will survive to tell the tale...

Players (12): (Character) [XP Earned]
Bowers, Jordan (Abadun) [1150]
Chivers, Adam (Arthur) [1100]
Edwards, Joe (Red Azura) [1000]
Fawcett, Jay (Reava) [700]
Knowles, Rhia (Serena) [1100]
Llewellyn, Tom (Asher) [1100]
Potham, Paul (Alexander Drago) [1000]
Potham, Phil (Skedar) [1100]
Savils, Dan (Walter Bloodfury) [700]
Skitch, Will (Galiwix) [1150]
Steer, Chevy (Shay) [1100]
Vandenberg, Casey (Jedidhia) [1100]

Crew (15):
Susan Pallett (Chef)
Oliver Pallett
Claire Bunyan
Sarah Bunyan
Dakota Triggle
Ricky Phoenix
Sarah Neighbour
Phil Bales
Drew Bales
Alan Hard
Joshua Hard
Neil Hara
Walter Houghton
Kelly Winsor
Gary Addison

Refs (6):
Dan Dunning
Mike Pallett
Guy Bowers
Antonio Cassar
Dan Savels (PR)
Casey Vandenberg (PR)

Feel free to give feedback below

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