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Trialing the new hits system.

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Trialing the new hits system.

Post  Diamond Dan on Sat Jul 09, 2016 11:20 am

The new hits system

All characters have hits and when you are hit in battle from either a weapon or a spell it reduces
those hits.

A character has 3 types of hits they are location hits (LOCS) and total body hits (TBH) and spiritual
hits (SPTL)

Total body hits are the amount of hits your body can take before you become unconscious.

Location hits are how many hits your limbs and head can take before they become useless. There are
6 locations they are: Head, body, 2x arms and 2x legs.


Although the head is quoted as a location on the statement above we at Brixham Berzerkers do not
allow head shots with any form of weapon. But some spells and other abilities may affect/damage the
location this is why it is stated.

So how the physical hits work are like so; every time you are hit by either a weapon or a spell then
that location takes a certain amount of damage but also you take 1 point of your TBH.
If a weapons does 2 hits it delivers 2 hits to the location and TBH.

A warrior has 2 LOC hits and 4 TBH.
He is hit by a sword in the right arm for 1 point of damage, he now only has 1 hit on his right arm
and only 3 TBH left.
If he is now hit in the right arm again his location is now 0 hits and 2 TBH left.

If a location reaches 0 hits it becomes useless and cannot be used until healed.
If it is the body or the head that reaches 0 hits then the player falls unconscious. If a limb reaches –2
it is severed and must be regenerated before it can be used. again. If the head or body reach –2 then
the character is dead.
If the TBH reaches 0 then the character is unconscious and bleeding out at 1 hit per minute. If the
TBH reach –3 then the character is dead.

Spiritual Hits
SPTL hits are the essence of the character, the divine spark. Normal weapons cannot harm the spirit
but certain undead and magic can.
SPTL hits are mainly race driven with certain races being more spiritual or Fey than others. But the
priest class can gain more spiritual hits due to their holy/unholy communion with their chosen Deity.

Unlike physical hits which can be increased by training SPTL hits are racial and cannot be increased
unless you are a priest who may increase spiritual hits through skill spirit build.

When travelling through the spirit/fey realm then your SPTL hits are the hits that are damaged not
your physical ones.

Physical armour cannot protect the spirit as it is not physical. Spells such as bless and some protection
spells may temporarily protect/increase the SPTL hits.

Character hits are shown on there class description like so: 2/1

The first number is the TBH and the second number is the LOC hits and the SPTL hits are shown in
the race section of this book.

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Diamond Dan

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