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Shadowlands General Rules

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Shadowlands General Rules

Post  Diamond Dan on Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:59 am


There are some calls we use in the Shadowland L.A.R.P.s that you need to know so when they are
called you can act accordingly, these are as follows.

TIME IN – When this is called, the players are now In Character. This is normally called at the
beginning of the event or when there has been a time freeze/stop.

TIME OUT – This is called at the end of the event. All Players are now Out Of Character, and the
event is over.

TIME FREEZE – This is called for many reasons. The Refs might call it to put a monster in the
middle of the party, or it might be called for a skill or spell reason. When it is called, CLOSE

TIME FAF – This is called when something has come up and causes the players to have to stay
where they are, but can remain In Character. This could be if Dog walkers are coming past, or the
Refs need time to set up the next encounter.

MAN DOWN – THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. This must be called when someone is injured,
or is thought to be injured Out Of Characters. When you hear this call, please shout it so
that everyone else around you can hear. When you hear this call, it is an immediate TIME OUT
until the situation is resolved.


Combat is obviously a big part in any L.A.R.P. system. The usual rules for L.A.R.P. safe weapons
apply with our system too like no stabbing with non-stab-safe weapons.
PULL YOUR BLOWS! If you are hit too hard, do NOT hit back harder. Tell them they hit you too
hard or tell a ref. If this continues, or if it seems specified, report it to a ref and other actions will
be taken. If you are being told that you are hitting to hard then please take care to pull your blows
with the person who complains and don't get annoyed with them as it will be used who will bw
given a warning not the complainer.


This system is a ROLE PLAYING system, not a RULE PLAYING system. Just because a rule says
this or that, doesn’t mean they can’t be changed! Any changes you may wish to make to a rule/
spell/skill must have a valid reason why. The change only applies to your character that has the
reason for the change (unless it improves the system on the whole). We the Refs will always have
the last say on changes that are made.

Refs have the FINAL say. This is to ensure that the game can flow and not get bogged down in the
rules say this and they did that, which will spoil the game for everyone. If the ref decides that a
special power is changed for the adventure/encounter then the ref is right not the rule book. If
there are any disputes then the ref will step in to try and help out, if there can be no compromise
then the ref has the final say and that is that. If you still feel upset about the decision it may be
bought up after the event with the ref/refs who were running the game.

Consent Form

A consent form must be signed either by the player/crew member if over 18yrs old or a parent or
guardian if under 18yrs old. Any person under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or
guardian. When you sign the consent form you are also consenting to follow the Brixham
Berzerkers larp rules which are on the back of the consent form. Please read these rules carefully
and understand them, for if you are found breaching the rules you will be removed from the larp.
Any questions about the rules please speak to a ref.
No Consent Form No Larping!


A player may only have 2 characters between 1st and 5th level at any one time and no more than
10 characters in total. The reason behind this is that we the refs want to see character development
and this cannot happen if people keep on changing their characters for every adventure,
which stops players who are a higher level playing higher/ harder level adventures; it also stagnates
the Shadowlands as there isn’t any character progression.


If you wish to create a new class, race, spell or group then it must be submitted to the refs for approval
at least a couple of weeks before you wish to play/use or start. This is to allow the refs to
talk about how your idea will affect the games balance and feel. If you turn up without informing
the refs and try to start using/playing, then the refs will not allow it.
You can also submit your ideas Here.
Diamond Dan

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