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What is crewing/monstering?

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What is crewing/monstering?

Post  Diamond Dan on Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:28 am

Crewing at our events is always FREE, however if there is a feast at an event you will be charged a small fee. Typically £5.

As crew, an NPC (Non player characters) or Monster you are an actor playing many parts. It is your performance (whether as the third sword carrier on the right, whose only job is to sneer and look menacing. Or a major plot character with a long background briefing) which will ultimately lift the event and guide it towards great success, or weigh it down and steer it toward mediocrity.

This means we may ask a lot of from you, but the results and sense of achievement felt makes it very worthwhile and enjoyable. Nobody will be asked to play any role they do not feel confident doing.

We value our "Crew" very highly, because they are such a crucial element in making an event work.

The main bulk of crewing is fighting, however we always have NPC roles that need filling; we need people of every age and ability in order to create a realistic environment for our players.

If you let us know in advance that you are coming and willing to play a role this makes things much easier for us when writing plot and increases the chances of you getting involved in a more exciting way.

Please come and crew. It really is great fun, you will get to take part in creating an event and making it truly amazing for the players.
Kit is provided for crew,  however please dress in neutral colours and Neutral coloured shoes/boots (no wellies or brightly coloured trainers or Nike stripes etc...).
You can bring your own kit and weapons (please read the Is my weapon larp safe? page), however we cannot take responsibility for loss/damage to personal kit and belongings. 

If you have never done anything like this before but want to get involved in something different please get in touch with one of us refs, you will be welcomed.

Link to our Facebook Page:
Brixham Berzerkers Facebook Group
Diamond Dan

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